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Top 12 Industrial Robot Applications and Uses

22 August 2021
Industrial robots are now a common sight in numerous factories, warehouses, and sectors worldwide. Discover the many ways in which they are used today.

Industrial Robots: The #1 Guide to Robotics for All Industries

19 August 2021
Get the most comprehensive guide to industrial robots. Discover a detailed overview of the key types of robots in use, their applications, and benefits.

Digital platform launches first service to compare prices on robots

26 April 2021
Businesses worldwide can now for the first time easily get offers and compare prices on products and services related to industrial robots. The new service from will make it easier and cheaper for businesses to have a robot according to CEO, Søren Peters.

Robot buyers are flocking to during the Covid-crisis

03 February 2021
The pandemic has caused a renewed interest in robotics according to Two suppliers on the platform, Gibotech and OnRobot, have felt the increasing demand from customers.

Digital platform wants to put a robot into every factory

11 December 2020
Too many small- and medium-sized businesses risk losing out on the next big industry transformation, says Søren Peters, CEO of the world’s first digital robot hub, The hub aims to increase robot adoption globally by breaking down the barriers to automation for smaller businesses.

Danish companies looking for robots before Christmas

04 December 2020
A larger number of Danish manufacturers are looking for new robot solutions through to automate their businesses. “The demand is increasing and provides a great opportunity for the robot companies,” says CEO of HowToRobot, Søren Peters.

Industry association supports robot transition of manufacturers through

02 December 2020
Growing demand make industry associations look for new ways to support manufacturers. From 2021, the Confederation of Danish Industry will use’s digital platform to help more companies plan and execute automation projects successfully.

Robotics and the Future of Production and Work

29 October 2020
The use of robotics will increase productivity and has the potential to bring more manufacturing production work back to developed countries. As productivity increases, labor is likely to receive a significant share of the benefits.

7 Proven Steps for Planning Automation Projects

07 August 2020
Automation technology holds great potential for companies challenged by the increased global competition and demographic development. But how is this potential realized?

#HowToRobot Launches ”Robot Expert In Your Pocket” For Manufacturers

07 July 2020
The service connects manufacturers virtually with robot experts through a smartphone and shows the most valuable automation projects to focus on for the company.