Automation Journey

Getting started on automation? Select your step

To get the best possible results from automation in your company, follow our step-by-step approach.
We call it the Automation Journey.

Step 1||Map your production

Get an overview of your production:

- Where is my biggest automation potential?
- How can I plan for success?


Use the Potential Finder tool to create an Automation Roadmap and get an overview of all your potential automation projects.

Step 2||Ask an expert

Get a second opinion from an independent expert:

- Where will robots make sense for us?
- What projects are easy and safe to do?


Book a robot expert and read more about the RobotNow program.

Step 3||Calculate budget

Do the math before you invest:

- How much can I spend on a solution to get a positive ROI?
- What can I save by automating this process?


Calculate your automation budget for a single project, and get a report with the results.

Step 4||Ask suppliers

Ask suppliers how they can automate your process:

- What are the best solutions for this project?
- Who are the most relevant suppliers?


Send a market request and get customized answers from up to 20 suppliers.

More steps to come...

Stay tuned for more steps and tools that will help you succeed on your automation journey.