The Automation Journey

To get the best possible results from automation in your company,
follow our step-by-step approach.

Where do you want to start your journey?


Map your production

Do you know where to find the biggest potential for automation in your
company? Use the Potential Finder tool to create an Automation Roadmap and get an overview of all your potential automation projects.

  • Describe their possible automation projects in a structured way.
  • Estimate the value and risk that each automation project represent for their business.
  • Score how automation may increase productivity, improve work environment and provide better product quality.
  • Present a structured report to management for approval.
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Calculate budget

Do you know how much you can save on automation? Use the
Investment Calculator to create an automation budget and check
ROI on solutions.

  • Estimate savings on operator hours, quality improvements and efficient use of materials.
  • Check Return on Investment (ROI) for robot and automation solutions
  • Calculate the true current cost of a process, including other employee expenses
  • Present a structured report to management for approval.
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Ask suppliers

Are you looking for a robot or automation solution? Ask up to 20
suppliers how they can automate your process. Use our
Market Research tool when you:

  • Want to find new solutions from different suppliers to automate a manual process in your company
  • Want to check if automation is possible using standard solutions
  • Don’t know which suppliers to ask (we will help you find the right ones from our Directory of 9000+ suppliers).
  • Need a structured way of asking suppliers for help – without providing detailed specifications
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RobotNOW - if you need an expert

RobotNOW gives you a fast, efficient and easy way to uncover your
automation potential and get several comparable offers for the right solution. You get:

  • A prioritized list of the tasks most suitable for automation in your company
  • Calculation of the business potential for automation
  • Requirement specification for a solution
  • Request for Information sent out to vendors
  • Comparable offers from the vendors
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More to come...

Stay tuned for more steps and tools that will help you succeed on your automation journey.