“With HowToRobot, I got everything that I needed to run my own robot advisory business – doing what I love and focusing on my customers.”


What our Partner Program gives you

Great products

  • With RobotNOW at the center, we offer a full set of ready-to-go packaged services that are easy to sell, easy to deliver, and have great customer satisfaction ratings

Client Exposure

  • Get exposed to the thousands of people visiting HowToRobot.com every week
  • We gladly pass our best leads to our best partners

Knowledge Sharing

  • We share best practices to help you grow your business as fast as possible
  • We provide marketing content and sales training that enable you to impress your customers with little effort


Are we a match?

You create the value. We help you efficiently deliver it to the customer.


Provides a platform and collection of tools effectively helping you deliver more value in less time, allowing you to scale up your business.

We have compiled decades of experience into a set of standardized services backed by the HowToRobot.com platform and our network of robot and automation solution providers.



Have extensive industrial automation and robotics experience and a network of customers whom you serve as an independent consultant. Would like to increase your profitability by spending more time on high-value tasks.

Like the idea of being part of a global network of independent robot advisors and benefiting from the brand awareness and shared product offerings.


A new high-value service
for your customers

Our flagship product RobotNow has everything you need:

  • Made for Robot Automation Advisory firms or independent experts
  • Ideal for you if you are already established or about to start your own business
  • Ideal for you if you are already established or about to start your own business
  • Receive technical training and get an official Partner Certification

What is RobotNOW?

RobotNow is a complete package of services that our partners can sell with a clear purpose: Giving your customers a proven path to profitable automation investments.

RobotNow helps the customer from A to Z: From mapping the automation potential of each customer’s productions processes to receiving a handful of solution proposals from qualified suppliers.

This starter package enable you as a Robot Advisor to deliver an incredible amount of value in a very short time, especially to SME or customers with little existing automation experience.

RobotNow is also a strong door opener and a solid foundation upon which to sell additional services and advice to your client.


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