Robot and Automation Companies in the United Kingdom

15 April 2021
Market Report of Robot and Automation Companies in the UK
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The need for automation in the UK increases, as Brexit makes it difficult to get access to low-skilled labor. A new market report from #HowToRobot provides an overview of 298 robot and automation suppliers located in the UK.

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The first market report to provide an overview of the British robot and automation supplier market has been published. The report covers 298 suppliers such as robot integrators, manufacturers, distributors, and advisors and provides useful details about them and their dealings.

The market overview is particularly needed at this moment as Brexit has made it more difficult for British manufacturers to get access to low skilled labor according to CEO of, Søren Peters:

“When manual labor costs exceed a certain point, robots become the logical next step for manufacturers to survive,” he says.

“Finding the right robot and automation suppliers is essential for both buyers and sellers. Buyers can get better deals when they know who to contact. Sellers looking to gain a strong position on the British market need a network of resellers, which they can find in this report,” he adds.

Highlights from the report

The report provides new previously unpublished insights into the British automation market. A few highlights from the report:

The report shows a total of 298 suppliers spread over 410 locations in the UK:

  • 167 integrators
  • 106 manufacturers of robots and/or automation solutions
  • 60 distributors
  • 23 advisors
Top 3 robot brands used by most suppliers

Top 3 robot brands used by suppliers in the UK 2021

The numbers show how many suppliers use the corresponding brand.

Top 3 target industries for most suppliers

Top 3 target industries for most robot suppliers in the UK 2021

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For the complete overview with data, including contact information, for each of the 298 suppliers, purchase the full report (229 pages).

The report is based on data from and research conducted by independent advisors Gain & Co.

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