Robot and Automation Companies in Austria

13 October 2021
Market Report of Robot and Automation Companies in Austria

The 2021 edition of the #HowToRobot supplier market report for Austria is out. The report provides an overview of the 149 robot and automation suppliers in Austria and shows detailed information about who they are and what robot brands they work with.

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Who do you call about robots and automation in Austria?

The first supplier market report from #HowToRobot containing the robot and automation businesses in Austria has been published. The report covers 149 suppliers such as robot integrators, manufacturers, distributors, and advisors and provides useful details about each company.

It’s the first time an overview of this size is published for the Austrian robot and automation market.

Readers will find contact information for each supplier as well as information about which industries they serve, what type of robots they’re focusing on, and what robot brands they’re working with.

End customers use the report for finding suppliers for automation projects, while robotics businesses use it to find new local partners and resellers of their products.

Highlights from the report

The report provides new previously unpublished insights into the Austrian automation market. A few highlights from the report:

The report shows a total of 149 suppliers spread over 171 locations in Austria:

  • 62 integrators
  • 91 manufacturers of robots and/or automation solutions 
  • 45 sub-component suppliers
  • 14 distributors
  • 1 advisor

Also, the report covers a total of 35 robotic brands used by suppliers in Austria.

Top 3 robot brands used by most suppliers

Top 3 robot brands used by most suppliers in Austria

The numbers show how many suppliers use the corresponding brand.

Top 3 target industries for most suppliers

Top 3 target industries for most robot suppliers in Austria 2021

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For the complete overview with data, including contact information, for each of the 149 suppliers, purchase the full report (87 pages).

The report is based on data from and research conducted by independent advisors Gain & Co.

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